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Building a Granny Flat: Where to Begin


Property suitability: Work out exactly what you can build on your property.


Pricing and costs: Hidden costs and what to look out for so you can keep your budget on track. 


Interactive: Click through for more information and videos as you delve into each topic.



Be confident starting on your Granny Flat project


How to begin your Granny Flat project

How many bedrooms, what sort of floor plan to consider, how to get it through council and more.


How long will it take to build the home

Build with no council approval or a development application plus the construction process.


How to make sure you stay on budget

All the factors that make up your whole Granny Flat project costs so you can stay within budget.



Take the time to get it right. Know how long, how much, and how to investigate a Granny Flat build.

When you need some extra space, and are considering a Granny Flat, it can be hard to know where to start, and confusing trying to determine what might be possible, how much it would cost and how long it could take. This complete guide is everything you need to know when building a Granny Flat is just a seed of an idea, written from 28 years of experience guiding over 4500 building projects across NSW and ACT.


What are people saying about our eBook?

“I tried to think of something else that should have been included in the complete guide - but I really couldn't! Its all there with easy links to find out more if you want to go into more detail on a topic.”

Adele Rea

- Bateau Bay, NSW

“The detail on council requirements is comprehensive and really helped me understand a complying development with no council approval. Can't wait to get started now.”

Kelly Young 

- Northern Beaches, NSW

“I wish I had this guide before I got started on my project!!! From helping work out the best position on the block to understanding total project costs - the detail is broken down into bite size content”

Leigh Cannon

- Casey, ACT


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